Facebook login

You have the option to create your Streamago account with Facebook, or login to an existing Streamago account with Facebook.
  • To create your Streamago account with Facebook, simply click the Facebook option when registering a new account. Please note that you must allow Facebook to share your email address with Streamago, otherwise we wouldn't be able to assist you via email if you have problems.
  • If you already have a Streamago account created with Facebook, you can continue using that Facebook account to log in to Streamago.
  • If your Facebook account is deactivated or Streamago no longer has permission to access your public Facebook profile, you'll not be able to log in to Streamago with Facebook. In these cases, please refer to login issues.
  • If you have an existing Streamago account and you wish to pair it with your Facebook account, you can do so by choosing the Social Accounts in your Account Settings.