Can I switch between public and private broadcast settings during a replay?

Videos originally broadcasted to a private group can be switched to public view after a broadcast concludes, but not the other way around (eg. public to private view).

In your profile, scroll down your video streams and swipe left on the specific video that you’d like to modify its settings. Tap on the “Privacy” lock in blue to turn off the private mode. You have now “unlocked” your video settings from locked (private).

Videos “unlocked” and made public will be available in the global video stream in Streamago TV (in addition to your user profile) to be viewed by anyone in the world if you finished broadcasting in the last 24 hours. “Locked” or private videos will only appear in your user profile, visible only to those invited to participate in your original live stream.

Note: You can also switch between public vs private settings when going live.