Stream controls

Before starting your broadcast, you can set whether you want to stream in wide screen mode or regular mode.
  • By rotating your phone 90 degrees before you start your live stream, the "Go Live!" button moves to the bottom of the screen. If you start your stream afterwards, your stream will be wide screen horizontal instead of regular upright.
  • Note that you can only do this before you start the live stream. Rotating your camera while the stream is already ongoing will cause other to see you rotated and may mess up the experience of your viewers.
You can switch between the front camera and back camera any time.
  • Double tap your video feed or click the camera icon while streaming, in the top left corner.
You can change the quality of your broadcasts while you are not streaming.
  • Enter your Profile and click to cog icon to see your Settings. Under Broadcast quality, select High or Medium.
  • High is recommended for a fast and stable WiFi connection or broadband LTE mobile networks. If your viewers experience lag in your stream, consider lowering the setting to Medium.
You can mute / unmute your microphone any time.
  • While you are streaming, tapping the microphone icon mutes or unmutes your microphone so that your viewers can't or can hear you.
  • We recommend that you not mute your streams too often or for long periods, because your visitors may leave your stream.